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By submitting an application for a new user account, the user confirms that he/she has read, understands, and will comply with the routines and policies set out by national infrastructure. In addition, the new user declares that he/she shall comply with the local IT-regulations of the university where the relevant facilities are located throughout the life-time of the user account on these facilities. Failure to comply with the routines and policies of the national infrastructure or regulations of the local university may lead to closure of the user account. Click here for Usage regulations

Users must inform UNINETT Sigma in case the information that was provided in the application for a user account has changed.

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User information

Enter your existing Sigma2 HPC / storage user account name, if you have one.
If not provide your local user name.
A username is defined as a sequence of two to up to thirty lowercase alphanumeric characters where the first letter may only be a lowercase letter.

Use your work e-mail address. Private addresses from for instance Gmail, Hotmail etc. not allowed

Please confirm your e-mail address by typing it in once more.

Please provide your mobile number with country code.

Organization information

Select 'Annen ekstern institusjon' and fill out the fields below if your organization is not present.
Please fill out the required fields for organizations which do not have any zip code or city information yet.
Find your organization quickly by typing in the organization name with the drop-down menu selected.

Project information

Find your project quickly by typing in the project account number with the drop-down menu selected.

Resource information

Select which resource(s) you would like an account on.

Enter the date you expect to start working on the project.

Enter the date you expect to finish your work on the project.

Additional information (optional)

Unique Feide user identification.
See your eduPersonPrincipalName (eduPPN) at
Keep in mind that UNINETT Sigma will not be able to validate your eduPPN.


By checking this box, I acknowledge that the above information is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge.